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Japan and Dutch Cave in Djuanda Park 
Dago, Bandung

      Dutch Cave or well-known as Goa Belanda is one of the caves in Bandung, in addition, Juanda Forest Park Japanese cave. Dutch Cave is a cave that was bigger and built Japan's first of the cave, built in the Dutch colonial period, Dutch cave was once used as a tunnel built for hydropower.Japan Cave is one of famous historical place in Bandung. Japan and Dutch Cave area prove the agony of Indonesian people in the past. In here we can learn many of event that happened in the past, especially in Bandung. 
      Resides in Forest Park Ir. Juanda - Bandung, there are two historic caves. The distance of Dutch Cave and Japam Cave is about 400 meters. the name of the cave indicates the ruler at that time. Dutch cave was built in 1918 and Japanese Caves built in 1942. In Dutch caves, there are about 15 hallway and several rooms like the Space Room for a place to rest/sleep the Dutch Army, Interview for the prisoners, Prison or Detention Room.
      Bandung citizen should be familiar with this site. I and my friend Annisa have visited this place many times. The place is green, fresh air, cold, and huge. The Djuanda Park provide the running track, hiking tracks, public chair, and carpet to sit, picnic and enjoy the scenery. 
        I and my friend, Annisa usually go to Djuanda park for running and visit the cave.
The cave is extremely dark, smelly and spooky also cold. To get in you have to pay the ticket about 12k IDR. To go inside the cave you need to bring jacket and flashlight. There already people who provide the flashlight, but the price is expensive especially for students, it's about Rp. 20.000/hour. There are only two doors in the cave. Which the entrance door and the exit door. when you take the first step at the cave it feels creeps. People said that that place is haunted. A lot of people are possessed. 
       Japan Cave and Dutch Cave technically the same. They are dark, moist, smelly, and spooky. The different between Japan Cave and Dutch Cave is the size of it. The Dutch cave is bigger than the Japan Cave. Both of them are the historical building. Many stories are sculpture in that place. It's a reminder to all people, about the battle in the past.


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