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"Really?! No, no, no! This can't be real! We're going to meet, Hanifa!" Jona screamed out and jumped till her phone dropped to the floor, I think.

"Whoa, whoa, chill, Jona. I'm so happy that I could meet you soon too, dear!" I replied her over-reaction-respond with a calm tone.

Me and Jona has been friend since a few months ago. We met on the internet, exactly on the Wattpad. i read her fanfiction novel on Wattpad and she is so happy that i likes my story. We started our first conversation because I asked me to follow her account back. Since then, we became an internet bestfriend and we'd like to talk about a lot of things, started from out favorite novels, actors, even our crushes.

We lived in the same city in Indonesia, but we haven't met each other because we're so busy with our national exams. But lucky us, that we accepted on the same highschool, the best highschool in the country, SMA Negeri 3 Bandung.

"What's your rank on the PPDB, Han?" she asked me
"24th. Could you believe it? I'm insanely happy because of it!" i replied her question

"Oh my God, Hanifa, you're the best! Congratulation, I'm so proud of you!" jona congratulate me for her achievements

"Thankyou, you too. By the way, my mom asked me to wash the dishes, I have to go. See you on the first day of school!" I said softly

"Okie dokie, see you!" jona hanged up the phone

Oh, crap! jona running out late for the school! Hurry, change your clothes! Brush your hair, Jona! Hurry up!

Fortunately jona arrived at the school at 6:31, so the school still gave me permission to join the class. jona saw my name on the announcement board and ran to the class.

In the class, Jona saw someone that looks exactly like me. Then She dropped her bag next to me. me greet me, even though she is out of breath.

"Hello, I'm Jona. Can I sit here?" she asked me nicely

"Sure. Wait.. You're Jona?"

"Yes, why?" She  confused

"I'm Hanifa! Oh my God, I've been searching for your name on the announcement board! But I couldn't find it!" I screamed until the whole class heard it!

"Really? You're Hanifa? By the way, it was written as Rumondang Jona, not Jona."

"Oh my God, I'm so stupid. But it doesn't really matter now. Finally, we met each other and we're on the same class for the whole year!"

"Yay!" we hugged each other. 


  1. the content that we wrote is just a fiction. please don't take it serious :)


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