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our vacation plan 
After a long week of exam, we will have a semester holiday. We discuss about our plan for the holiday. 
Hanifa  :" Hello Putri, Hello Annisa" I'm greeting with a big smile Putri     :" Hi Hanifa"  Annisa  :"Why you so happy Hanifa? is it because a boy? you crushing someone?" Hanifa  : "What? of course no! I'm happy because semester holiday is near! I can't wait for                   it!" Putri     :"So what? do you already have any plan?" Annisa :"Is it with a boy?" Hanifa  :"Hey! please stop teasing me! i already have a plan! you guys are curious, don't                      You?" Putri     :"Okay, tell us about your plan hanifa" Annisa :"And also tell us about your new boy" Hanifa  :" I have no crush my dear Annisa, by the way, I'll visit my grandma in Bangka                         Island! I've wanted to go there since last year!" Putri     : "Oh! go…

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