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hello again!
so today, my teacher saked me (and my classmates) for making 5 questions about animals and inspiring person

 questions about polar bears.

1. how long is polar bears live terms?

2. what are polars bear diet?

3. how polar bears survive in north pole?

4. when is the breeding season of polar bears?

5. do polar bears hibernate?

1. Polar bear live average 15 to 18 years.

2. Polar bear diets are fish, seals, seabirds, and raindeers.

3. Polar bear survive in their environtment because of their white and thikc fur.

4. Breeding season of polar bear is in the summer (March-June)

5. No, polar bear doesn't hibernate. Polar bear is the only animal in the north pole who doesn't hibernate.

questions of my inspiring person ( Muhammad al-Fatih)

1. Why Muhammad al-Fatih also known as Mehmet the Qoncequeror?

2. When he was born?

3. Who is his father?

4. In witch city he was born?

5. How old was him when he conquer Konstantinopel?


1. "Mehmed the Concequeror" al-F…
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my Inspiration       hello guys! soo, in this post, I will tell you about a person that I inspire a lot. so, when I was a kid, my dad used to tell me about the story of Muhammad al-Fatih, or being called "Mehmed the Concequeror". al-Fatih are named after his Concequeror of Konstantinopel. and then when i grown up, i read a book of him, altough we saperate for a very long year, I'm Very adored him.
     Mehmed II was born on 30 March 1432, in Edirne, then the capital city of the Ottoman state. His father was Sultan Murad 2 (1404–51). He conquer Konstantinopel by 21 year old. by that time, Konstantinopel was very strong of its roman power. Also, He had memorize the Qur'an and hadist in the very young age. 

why he inspire me a lot? 
when i remembered him, I will ask some question to myself. "when he is on my age now, he had done great things, and what about me?" I don't mean to compare myself, but sometimes, we have to look upright to improve ourself. And as a…
turning dialog text into undirect teks
One day, Riri, Bayu, and Santi are talking about their holiday plans. Santi is the one who’s start the conversation. She ask Bayu about his holiday plan. Bayu say that he will go fishing with her dad in a lake near his uncle’s house.           Bayu say that Santi could go fishing with him. But Santi don’t really like fishing. She thanks Bayu for the invitation and said that she don’t really like fishing. She would rather stay at home than go fishing.           After asking Bayu about his holiday plan, Santi ask Riri about her holiday plan. Riri has made a plan with her mom. She will practise baking cookies. Bayu ask if Riri will bake Choco cips cookies like she did in the other day. Choco chips is Riri’s Favorite, but she will lern how to bake ginger cookies.           After that, Riri ask Santi for joining her holiday plan. Bayu say that is a good idea, rather dan Santi joining he and his dad go fishing. Santi is very hapy. She say she would like t…
the Battle of the Monkey and Crab
A long long time ago, there were a monkey and mother crab.  One day, the mother crab had a rice ball.  And the mother crab walked around outside, and then the monkey was devouring a Japanese persimmon on a tree which is the tree of the fruit of the Japanese persimmon.  And the mother crab saw the monkey; then the mother crab said. "Let's make an exchange, my rice ball for your Japanese persimmon."  but the monkey said, "No way!"  and then the monkey threw the Japanese persimmon at the mother crab.  The monkey threw it hard, and threw many Japanese persimmons.  And these Japanese persimmons hit the mother crab all over her body, and the mother crab died.  But then, the mother crab had babies inside her. The mother crab was pregnant.  And when the mother carb died, the babies were born.
             Later, the baby crabs grew up, and the baby crabs thought, "let's get rid of the bad bad monkey!  He killed our mother!  Le…
Polar bear 
Polar bear classification: Kingdom    Animalia Phylum      Chordata’ Class          Mammalia Order         Carnivora Familly      Ursidae Genus        Ursus Species      Ursus maritimus.
Polar bear Species name come from  the word, “maritime bear” due to its habitat. Polar bear spends  many month in the sea. it usually lives near the water and often goes on ice floes in the ocean in search of food. (seals, fish, seabirds, and sometimes reindeer )
Polar bear habitat is in the north pole. Polar bear habitat is in the north pole. The range includes the territory of five nations: Denmark (Greenland), Norway (Svalbard), Russia, Alaska, and Canada.

Image belongs to national geographic photographer : Daisy Gilardini
Life cycle of polar bear:  Polar bears mate every other year in mid-summer. The female digs a den in the snow and stays there for nine months until her young are born. She has between one and four cubs. The cubs are hairless and toothless when they are born and are about the size…
So I drew a portrait of Djuanda forest park,
the drawing is based on my memories and some references from Annisa and some are from internet.

and here also the real picture of Djuanda forest Park.

source by

thank you!
the video will I post on my next post! the videos will be with my friend Annisa, you could check her blog on