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Hi everyone! this time I will tell you one of my activities on last week.

      so,.. last week, the 10 grade of 3 national high school, doing some activities called LDKS in pusenif Bandung. 

      LDKS is a program for all of the 10 grade. the program is a semi military program for build a attitude of leadership and the sense of nationalism.
     our coach and builder mostly soldiers, we stayed in pusenif ( maybe pusenif is an army headquarters, but i'm not really sure, he he, sorry guys :') ) 

      so we stayed there for 3 days and 2 night. 
the activities are seriously made us very tired. after a day full of lesson, (and to be honest guys, I always felt sleepy in every moment) , we just slept like 2-3 hours each night.

      the things that made our heart beating is when the lunch, breakfast, and dinner time. why? because we just got like 5 minute for ate our food. either that, the soldiers and some of the seniors were very discipline. 

      we usually just got 10-20 minute for cleaned up our stuff. ( to be honest (again) I didn't take any bath for two days :') ). forget about taking a bath, you will be felt very lucky if you had brush your tooth. 

     the second day, our activities were mostly outdoors. some of the student got sunburn. and in the after noon, we walk to taman makam pahlawan ( like a soldier grave) for the night activities. And I think, this part is my favorite! 

      the student walk in the grave 3 by 3 person. i walked with my classmate, Kinanti and Annisa. Kinan was a bit scared, so while we walked trough the grave, she always holding my hand. Annisa is walked in the front, she sang islamic songs. for me, I,m not really scared even when we smelled some aromatic flower. I don't know why but when we saw a dark silhouette passed by, I just said, "maybe that was a soldier or our senior, don't be afraid guys". even if, until th end i still don't know who is it.

     but the funniest moment is when we nearly finished our walk, we met a senior that asked us our name with a polite voice. before that, we had a mission that we shouldn't say our name, our business, etc. (the previous senior and soldier were kind and still joking, but this person is very serious!)

   I don't know why but in the end, i didn't tell my name to anyone, except the commander of the soldier. I'm kinda happy because some of my friend failed because they gave their name.

    after we finished our walk, we drunk tea and ate boiled cassava. after that, we slept. we woken up in the middle of the night and doing some "renungan" (like introspection), some of the student were cried, but I'm to sleepy for that. ( please don't be like me guys :') )

    we walked back to pusenif and slept again. we did some outdoor activities again before eating lunch, and because this is the last meal were going to eat, they didn't ask us for eating in 5 minutes.
we enjoyed the lunch. after that we watched an old Indonesian nationalism film, G30S PKI,
but, I slept since the film started until done , I'm felt very worst because I always felt sleepy, we just slept 2-4 our a day, Who won't be sleepy?

    but as a forgiveness for sleeping during the movie, I had re watched it at home with my dad.

and,... after we cleaned and packed our bag, we finally go home, yay!

for me, it was a very great experience, I learned a lot from that.

thank you!

Hani 29/09/2017

sorry i have no picture guys, our phone were collected by the seniors so i can't took any picture :')
by the way, I'll post the photo and video about the Djuanda Forest Park in my next post!


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